Battlefield 4 – Battlepack Micro Transactions Added


For some reason, Battlefield 4 Battlepacks can now be bought with real money. As you probably know, previously you could only get battlepacks by earning enough in game experience in order to unlock them. Now, players can buy access to these packs, which will offer a random assortment of weapon accessories, XP boosts, paints, and other items. DICE confirmed this themselves on their official blog.

The battlepacks available will be split into tiers, bronze silver and gold, which can be bought for $1, $2 or $3 respectively. As you might expect, the higher value packs will have a higher quality of gear available, but their contents will still be left open to chance. These microtransactions appear to be running seperately from the Battlefield Premium service, but at least they’re aren’t any weapon specific Battlebacks available to purchase. Yet.

So? What do we have here?

Microtransactions in a full price, AAA release? Check.

Pay  to win? Check.