Capcom Has 51% Of Shares Available On The Market

Capcom Is For Sale

Capcom, the company known for titles such as Street Fighter, Dead Rising, Devil May Cry, Phoenix Wright, Mega-Man, and Resident Evil, is going up for sale.

Today, Capcom hosted their 35th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Capcom Co., LTD. At the meeting, it was proposed for shareholders to renew the countermeasures against a company buying up a large amount of Capcom’s shares, with the last renewal happening in 2008. Since the shareholders have refused against it, Capcom now has 51% of their shares available on the market.

Capcom has always been a third-party video game developer all the way back when Sega was still fighting the good fight, but now, Capcom has the possibility of becoming a first-party developer. But, which console company, if any, should be the ones to buy them.

With Mega-Man’s involvement in Smash, the exclusivity of the Phoenix Wright games, and the fact that Resident Evil games seemed to be the best on Nintendo consoles, perhaps Nintendo will buy them. Or, perhaps Sony will merge with them since the Devil May Cry games, the Resident Evil games, and Okami were originally Playstation exclusives. Unfortunately, Microsoft is the only one who cannot purchase them due to Japanese law. But, they may also stay as a third-party company, as a way for everyone to win. Only time will tell.