Darksiders 2 Patch 3 Released – In Depth Video & Info On The Changes

THQ has finally released the third patch for Darksiders 2, which fixes numerous issues and also – finally- adds graphical options for the PC version.

We here at RedGamingTech have released an in depth look at the improvements this patch adds to the game, but if you are looking for more of a synopsis then simply look below.

Graphics Options:
– Shadow map resolution configuration option added (ABOUT DAMN TIME)
– Screen Space Ambient Occlusion configuration option added (Already forcable through Nvidia panel)
– Anti Aliasing configuration option added

Keyboard Mapping Support:
– Invert X Option added
– Reset to default mappings option
– Map to NumPad option works as intended

Mouse Functionality:
– Camera Auto center Toggle (ALSO ABOUT DAMN TIME)

Bug Fixes:
– The Tome System works as intended while using an Xbox controller in the Tome System.

– Resolved issues around not being ablesend messages to Steam friends.

– Phasewalker now works properly after acquiring it within the Blackstone.

– Artifact Box and Legacy Box are now properly labeled in Vulgrims inventory.

– Exiting the game after adjusting the screen resolution will now save those settings.

– The ride-able construct will no longer free fall out of the game world when placing the ride-able construct under the Guardian and re-entering the room with the submerged lift in The Foundry.

– The Bridge should now properly drop within The Scar.

– The second lever within the Black Stone should now function as intended.

– Death should now be able to properly continue through the Eternal Throne when speaking to the guards.

– The pile of debris to the right of the skeleton key door in the second Heartstone room of The Foundry is no longer a match for the ride-able construct.

– The ride-able construct is positioned back in the water on the lift for those users who are stuck. (You may need to Fast Travel or back track out of the dungeon if you are currently stuck here.)

– The Custodian will no longer go for a swim when backtracking to the dungeon entrance after leaving the Custodian on one of the bridges in the room before the second Heartstone in the Foundry.

– The Resistance stats will properly update when returning 3 Stones of Resistance to Oran during the Stick and Stones quest.

– More support for different resolutions with HUD elements.

However, if you want a more in depth look at what this patch adds to Darksiders , such as the new graphics, shadows and so on then simply watch our video below.


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