Dead Rising 3 Sales Figures – Over 1 Million Units Sold


Capcom have shared some sales figures for Dead Rising 3, which reveal that the Xbox One exclusive has sold over one million units.

Capcom also gave us a time frame in which this impressive number of games sold was achieved, which was between the Xbox One launch (November 22) and December 20.

It seems like Dead Rising 3 has smashed everyone’s expectations, as Capcom originally expected the game to sell 1.2 million units by the end of March 2014. So DR 3 is well on it’s way to breaking that target before we even reach the end of January. This is obviously extra impressive given that this game is obviously an Xbox One exclusive.

Now, part of Dead Rising 3’s success could be partially attributed to the usual launch game sparsity, where there are simply not many games available for you to choose from. Now, on the AAA side of things, that was certainly true, but the launch line up of the Xbox One still offered plenty of strong contenders for those not interested in the X1. So while it may have gotten some extra sales from this, this fact does nothing to take away from Dead Rising 3’s achievement.

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