Dev Gets Oculus Rift Exclusives Running on the Vive

A developer and programmer, going under the name CrossVR on Reddit, has shown that with a few tweaks you can run Oculus Rift exclusives on the HTC Vive.

CrossVR posted a proof of concept sofware that will allow Vive owners to enjoy Rift exclusives. As mentioned, this software is still in it’s early stages, but it seems to function just fine. For the moment, the software functions in a series of patches that when applied to Oculus games, will allow them to run on the Steam VR headset.

At the moment, CrossVR has Lucky’s Tale and Oculus dreamdeck working, but for now you can only play these games using an Xbox One controller.

The dev says on GitHub, “It works by reimplementing functions from the Oculus Runtime and translating them to OpenVR calls. Unfortunately, Oculus has implemented a Code Signing check on the Runtime DLLs, therefore the Revive DLLs cannot be used unless the application is patched.”

Essentially, his program pulls off this trick by working around the code-signing check, but for now patching each game with this modified file is required.  If you’re interested in checking out this software, you can find instructions on the GitHub page.

When asked if there had been any drops in performance, CrossVR posted on Reddit, “I’d really like to hear back from people if they run into issues. While I didn’t notice any more issues myself this is still just an alpha version, so there’s bound to be some issues I haven’t noticed. Use the Issue Tracker on the github page to report these issues so I can keep a good overview of what needs to be done. I’ll keep working on ironing out any issues people run into, this is version 0.2 and there will be many more as there is still plenty of work to do.”

So if you do end up using this, remember it’s still a work in progress and be sure to let the developer know. Hopefully we can see a finalised version out there before too long.