E3 2012: Bioware Announced New Star Wars The Old Republic Content

Good news for fans of Bioware’s Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic, a group finder is finally on its way in the 1.3 patch update. But there is some bad news mixed along with the good: BioWare Austin has suffered layoffs, and The Old Republic has lost a rather substantial 400,000 players, bringing it down to a slightly less impressive 1.3 million (from 1.7 million subs).

It’s pretty safe to say that EA and BioWare are both hoping that with the latest news, many of those players (and new ones) will be bought back into the galaxy far, far away. It’ll add in a new playable species, a space mission, and an increased level cap with added class abilities. There’ll also be a new PVP warzone along with an Operation. A new planet going by the name of Makeb will add more story questing content.

For the raiders who’re masochists, Nightmare, a difficulty level will be given for the harecore among you to sink your teeth into.

As a bonus for fans of the Knights of The Old Republic, everyones favorite droid, HK-51 will be included as a companion character.

Also, starting in July, you’ll be able to play the game up to a fairly generous level 15 for completely free?

Will it be enough to tempt you back? I myself quit the game not long after its release… and I’m unsure if that’ll be sufficient. Leave your thoughts below!

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