Halo 4 Story Spoilers Discovered by NeoGaf

Halo 4 spoilers have been found by Neogaf, causing speculation to the games story

A list of spoilers for Halo 4 have been found for Halo 4 and Halo books that are yet to be published. Read on only if you don’t mind a spoiler or two!

Halo 4 and Halo Book Series Story Spoilers found

One of Microsoft’s key secret weapons in the console wars has always been the Halo franchise, with Halo 2 being the most popular of the original Xbox’s online games. Since the confirmation of Halo 4, speculation on the story of course has been running rampant among fans. However, recently, NeoGaf have managed to decipher a blurry screenshot of script for Halo 4, and have come out with some conclusions.

Spoilers for Halo 4 Story

  • When Master Chief awakes, the Forward Unto Dawn is boarded by a bunch of Covenant – they are looking for something, not the Chief.
  • The Covenant, a particularly religious remnant led by the Elites, have come in search of Requiem to find and look for a Forerunner weapon cache.
  • The Covenant also believe Requiem to be the place where a living god is being kept – they wish to find and wake him up to enlist his aid in fighting humanity.
  • Main antagonist is called Didact, an ancient Forerunner. He is the being the religious Covenant believe to be a living god.
  • Dr Halsey, who made a cameo in Reach, makes an appearance as the Chief wants her help to find a solution to Cortana’s “problem”
  • Cortana is able to project multiple versions of herself at once – multiple Cortanas
  • A climatic battle involving the Chief, Didact and Cortana takes place
  • A character has, or appears to have, telekinesis

For more, check out the thread on Neogaf!

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