Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo Coming to Japan

A playable demo for the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3D (or as it’s otherwise known, Dream Drop Distance) will be hitting the Nintendo 3DS next week.

The demo will be downloadable via the E-Shop and will be a 90MB download, which is actually a pretty small file, considering. The demo will supposedly let users experience fifteen minutes of Square Enix‘s latest title before expiring.

Unfortunately, though, Nintendo hasn’t said anything about the demo being released outside of Japan, which is a real shame. I’m sure those of us outside of Japan would love to get a taste of the game before release.

The full game, however, will be hitting UK shores on July 20th, over a week before the US release on ┬áJuly 31st. This latest installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise sees Riku and Sora taking the “Mark of Mastery” exam under the care of Yen Sid and King Mickey. Epic.

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