Mad Max | Release Window Reveal, PS3 & Xbox 360 Versions Binned


I have a couple of Mad Max news pieces for you today, both of them cleverly hidden within this article’s title.

As you might have guessed, the title has not only been given a release window of September, developer Avalanche have officially cancelled the last gen versions.
Avalanche Studios made this reveal to Game Informer, and gave a perfectly reasonable reason for the cancellation: they simply wanted to focus on optimisation of the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions. Seems fair to me.

As well as this, Warner Bros also had some information for us, regarding the pre-order bonus. Apparently, those who pre order Mad Max will receive a car body by the name of the Ripper. The Ripper will be equipped with a V8 engine, upgraded exhaust with custom off-road tires,  as well as a ramming grill and a tuned suspension “so it can take on a variety of Wasteland surfaces.”