Mantle To Be Released With Catalyst 14.1 Beta’s?

Excitement has been building over the release of AMD’s Mantle API for months, and after Dice and AMD delayed the Mantle Patch for Battlefield 4, things went quiet on release. Aside from whispers from both companies that we’d be seeing it some time this month (January).

But now, reports are popping up that AMD’s next big release of their Catalyst drivers, 14.1 Beta, will indeed include the Mantle API. We’re unsure of an exact release date, but given the numbering of the Catalyst Driver, there’s a good chance it’ll be some time during this month.

Of course, right now we don’t have specific benchmarks available for the API, but reports indicate it’s up to 45 percent faster in BF4. In my recent interview with AMD, Robert Hallock said: “Every game is different, of course, but we’ve said all along that we didn’t undertake the Mantle project to chase two or three percent performance improvements. With each game, we’ll be publishing a full set of data and we’re confident people will be pleased with the uplift.”


Hopefully we’ll get some numbers soon.