New Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns Screenshots – Screens Show More Dead Dunes & Shops

These are the latest screenshots for Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13. These images show off the Dead Dunes area of the game, which is just one of the many areas which we will be seeing.

These screens also show off several shops / merchants that the player can buy and sell weapons, healing items and even food during the game. The Dead Dunes area is looking to be a huge explorable expanse of desert, probably packed full of monsters and most likely sidequests as well. The addition of food to restore health is definitely a good idea, as that will save wasting those valuable potions outside of battle.

The FF13-3 Dead Dunes area is described as –

“This region is covered with endless desert sands as far as the eye can see. Within it can be found the shanties which form a base for treasure hunters seeking their fortune in the arid wilderness, as well as ancient ruins said to conceal a divine treasure…”

You can view the screens in the video below, or in the gallery.