Nvidia Volta GV100 Spotted in Drivers

Today is discovery city when it comes to hardware, as AIDA64 have just found that the latest Nvidia drivers contain a trace of the Volta architecture.

They originally posted their findings via Facebook, but were then contacted by Videocardz for a follow-up. Apparently, they were on the hunt for the 1080Ti (sadly no mention of it under that name) but were surprised to discover the GV100.


It’s fairly likely that the GV100 is referring to a high-end Volta card, but it’s tough to say exactly what it would be replacing when it comes to the Pascal lineup. So, what does the appearance of the GV100 in the drivers mean? Probably just that engineering samples are ready, so sadly it will be quite some time before we see any information on it.

Since AIDA64 have been behind some pretty on point leaks in the past, there’s every reason to believe that their information is both correct and true. Given the roadmap for Volta, though, and the fact that Nvidia is probably busy with the 1080Ti, it will sadly be a while before Volta brings its head above water.


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