Overwatch Animated Winston Short May Be Teasing New Characters

Overwatch is almost here, with an open beta on May 5-9 and a full release on May 24.

Just yesterday, Blizzard released the very first Overwatch animated short. The first short is called Recall and focuses on Winston, one of the more interesting tank characters in the game.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out below.


As you may have noticed, near the end of the video you see a very brief glimpse of 15 characters that have yet to be confirmed for the game. Sadly, all the names and ages have been blurred out in order to keep us guessing. You can check out screenshots of the characters in the gallery below.

Also if you look closely you might notice how some are a bit more visually realised than the others, so not all of these may end up in the game. Blizzard has said before that they will be adding more heroes to Overwatch via free updates, so these characters are most likely for post release DLC.

Blizzard may even be using these animated shorts to get player feedback and opinion on the unreleased heroes. Do you have any favourites?

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