Playstation 4 – AMD Jaguar CPU 1.8GHZ – PS4 Rumor and Two Disabled Compute Units


The Playstation 4”s AMD Jaguar CPU clock speed has yet to be officially confirmed by Sony, but there is recent evidence and rumors to suggest that the CPU is running at 1.8GHZ. Previously, based on comments from various developers and speculation we’d guessed the PS4’s CPU was running at 1.6GHZ. Remember that the AMD Jaguar is designed to run up to 2GHZ, so the 1.8GHZ is right in the Jaguar’s range.
Microsoft had up clocked the Xbox One’s CPU to 1.75GHZ, and so we assumed the X1 had the CPU advantage – but if these recent rumors prove to be correct, the PS4 will have the X1 beat. Lower clock frequencies require less power and output less heat, and due to the APU of the PS4 already being fairly large, we weren’t sure if Sony had the ability to raise the clocks. Interestingly, Microsoft had previously stated in an interview they’d actually gotten far greater performance from increasing the clock speeds of the CPU (from 1.6GHZ to 1.75GHZ) of the Xbox One than when they’d increased the clock speed of the GPU. Indeed, they’d claimed to be CPU bound in many tasks. The Playstation 4 is known to be reliant on shifting the processing onto the GPU (GPU compute).

There’s also evidence to point out that there are two disabled CU (Compute Units) inside the Playstation 4’s GPU. This is done for the purposes of yields – in other words, assume one of them fails, then you’ve still got 19 (with 18 enabled). If you’d only created 18 to begin with, and 1 failed during manufacturing then you’d only have 17 and it wouldn’t be usable inside the PS4. To clarify these additional units cannot be enabled. That’s basically 128 stream processors (64 per compute units). Or, about 204GFLOPS of computing power that’s not usable (just for fun)

Once again, these rumors have not been confirmed and the below slide is showing as estimated – check back soon or on the YT channel to keep updated.



Original PDF and link to die shot from chipworks

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