Ready At Dawn Addresses Frame Rate & Glitch Concerns With The Order 1886


The Order 1886 is certainly one of the more anticipated titles of the next generation, and recently it has seen a rather impressive gameplay trailer revealed. Generally speaking, gamer’s are happy with their look at the title in motion, but there have been a few negatives. IGN mentioned ““The portion of the adventure I saw ran relatively poorly, with sudden, sharp transitions between scenes, audio issues, and a lagging framerate”.

As you’d expect, Ready at Dawn aren’t going to sit idly by and not address these concerns with The Order 1886, and have taken to Twitter. “the build had a few glitches from a last sec audio problem (which of course did not happen in our tests) says Andrea Pessino “it runs pretty damn sweet for this stage of development” He further clarified

He also addressed the criticism IGN had directly, “It’s all good – hopefully he will see his concerns addressed before long”.

Since the title still doesn’t have an announced released date, it’s hard to feel concerned with the relatively poor performance of the game in this stage. Pre-release footage (usually alpha or beta) of games which are in less than a fully working state is a normal thing. Ready At Dawn admitting they’ve still got something to work on is positive, and it’s good they’re not doctoring footage (such as the infamous Aliens: Colonial Marines footage).

The Order 1886 will certainly be pushing the Playstation 4’s hardware, it has been confirmed that the title will be running in letterbox format, (1920×800) and with heavy levels of anti-aliasing (MSAAx4) to boot. We’ll be seeing the developers targeting 30FPS for the game. No doubt there’s still lots of optimization that the team need to do, so don’t panic just yet!