Sleeping Dogs Coming To PS4 & Xbox One?? – RUMOR

Sleeping Dogs may just be making it’s way towards the PS4 and Xbox One in an apparent “HD” edition.

This is a rumor guys, so as normal keep your pinch of salt handy. This comes to us courtesty of a couple of listings on the site, which lists both the Playstation 4 and X1 versions. What is a bit strange though, is that it is also listed for the PC. Now, I can certainly buy that Square would do what they did with Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and re-releasing it for the next gen consoles, but we already had the HD version on the PC. So, unless the textures have also been significantly improved for the PC, it does make me wonder what is going on…

Sleeping Dogs PC version
The PC version of Sleeping Dogs.

Now, the listing makes no mention of any DLC, but pretty much every HD re-release comes with all the DLC released bundled in with it, so we can expect the same if this is actually released. Sleeping Dogs had it’s fair share of DLC, so that would make the HD bundle a pretty nice pick up for anyone who hasn’t played it.

To be honest, I think what is going to happen here is that we may see a confirmation of this on X1 and PS4, but the PC version will remain as is. The PC release already had a HD texture pack released for it, so it’s unlikely we will see a remaster appear on that platform.