Starcraft 2 Global Finals Groups & Initial Matches

It has been a grueling few months for the players competing in all the tournaments all over the world, all of them competing for a place in the Starcraft II Global Finals. But the players, groups and initial matches have been decided.

Group A

Illusion vs Fenix
PartinG vs Socke

Group B

Vortix vs  ViBE
Comm vs Suppy

Group C

Sen vs KiLLeR
HuK vs Grubby

Group D

State vs BabyKnight
MaFia vs Rain

Group E

Stephano vs HerO
IdrA vs RorO

Group F

Curious vs TitaN
MajOr vs  herO

Group G

Insur vs LoWeLy
Levin vs LucifroN

Group H

mOOnGLaDe vs  Scarlett
Nerchio vs Creator

I’m personally psyched to see so many of my favourite players taking part, and a generally strong showing for the Protoss, who I will always be rooting for in every match I watch. Unless maybe ThorZain is the opposing player. Regardless, the action starts on November 17th, so be sure to  prepare yourself for an epic tournament.

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