Super Battle Opera 2012 – A Preview of the weekend

Fans of fighting games will be pleased to hear Super Battle Opera 2012 is nearly here

The biggest fighting game tournament in Japan is approaching, below is a full list of games and players in Super Battle Opera 2012 tournament 

The tournament will of course be on stream, but unlike Evolution 2012 there is a cost to watch this event, (around 20 dollars for one day, 30 dollars for two) which raised a few eye brows in the gaming community.

But there are a number of players that wasn’t able to enter the US’ Evo 2012 which adds to the reason to get the stream, as does the rather impressive array of players and of course technology in games changes quickly. For those wondering, Diago is possibly not going to be taking part in the tournament which is clearly going to be a disappointment to many; as he apparently has other commitments. (note, this is still not fully confirmed).

Super Battle Opera 2012 / Tougeki 2012 Details

• The run down: Super Battle Opera 2012 is the continuation of a long-running Tougeki series. It will be held during the Game Summer Festival 2012 in Japan. Almost all of the tournaments are team based and single elmination.
• List of games and team make up: Aquapazza (2 on 2), Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena (1 on 1), Street Fighter 3 Third Strike (3 on 3), Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 (3 on 3), Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited (2 on 2), Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown (3 on 3) and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (1 on 1)
• Who’s expected to show: EG|Justin Wong, Killer Kai, BT|Dieminion, CVPR|PR Balrog, RZR|Latif, Dogura, Eita, Michael Tan, Sabo-Hani, Dath, Kuroken, -6, Momochi, Haitani, Uryo, Ojisanboy, KojiKOG, Banbaban, Machabo, Naruo, RZR|Fuudo, Ryukichikun,  Shungoku Neurosis, WW|Ryan Hart, TH|Poongko, AVM|GamerBee, Hsien Chang, RF, Xiao Hai, HumanBomb, GameOuttt, MOV, Kuroda, KZ and many more.
• Streaming duties and schedule: All the streams are on Nico Nico and are Pay-Per-View only, 1,500 Yen  per day (around $20 US dollars) or 2,500 (about $32 US Dollars) for both days. Day 1 is here (SF4, VF5, Tekken, SC5) and day 2 is here (P4U, Aquapazza, SF3, UMvC3).

In Japan Virtual Fighter 5 is still extremely popular (despite its level of interest not being quite as high in the west). It is nice to say a number of US and other western players taking part however, including Lati, PR Balrog, Justin Wong and Ryan Heart.

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