Today’s Deals 15 July Steam Summer Sale

A pretty decent collection of Steam daily deals today, especially with the inclusion of The Darkness II, but that’s not the only game that makes today’s deals a fairly nice line up.

The daily deals for July 15th.


 Mount and Blade Collection (£7.49 – 75% off!)

They have every single one of the highly acclaimed action RPGs as a collection, but if you are just wanting to get one in particular, you are looking at £2.49 for the original Mount and Blade, £3.74 for Warband, £1.99 for Warband: Napoleonic Wars and £1.99 for With Fire and Sword.

Trine 2 (£2.99 – 75% off!)

If you want something a little unusual, with a unique (and beautiful) graphics style look no futher. Trine 2 is a physics based puzzler/platformer, and is well worth checking out. You can get both games in a collection for £3.49

Serious Sam 3 BFE (£7.49 – 75% off!)

The stellar sequel from in the truly classic Serious Sam franchise. If you are at all into your old school FPS, what are you waiting for?

Indie Bundle 4 (£6.99 – 75% off!)

Another very interesting collection of indie games here. Not quite my thing, except for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, but it is still a nice collection of games for a very good price. Games inlcuded are (as well as ITSP) A Valley Without Wind, Atom Zombie Smasher, Blocks That Matter, Sanctum and Sword and Sorcery.

The Darkness 2 (£9.99 – 75% off!)

I doubt I need to tell many of you about this one. This is a hugely fun, hugely violent FPS, one of the very few FPS games I actually like. The uniqueness of the combat and the strength of the characters, especially Jackie, whom you play as, make this a must buy.

The Walking Dead (£12.59 – 40% off!)

Telltale’s take on the series/comics is certainly an interesting one, with a weird third person point and click feel to it. There is a ton of dialogue and action options, all of which will effect the game, so your first playthrough will not be the same as the next. If you can take it’s slightly slower paced, story driven style, I’d say it’s worth it.

Cities XL (£7.49 – 75% off!)

This a city/world building simulator that I am unfamiliar with, and one that has mixed reviews. I would suggest checking out some gameplay videos to judge for yourself if the price is worth it. The discount is pretty significant, so it may be worth picking up if you’re looking for a new god-game to play.

Saints Row The Third (£7.49 – 75% off!)

This is an absolutely bonkers sandbox third person shooter. Think GTA on hallucinogenic drugs. This is a fairly recent release, and with its sandbox nature, there is a ton of fun to be had here. If you’re in the mood for some madcap, insane fun then pick this up!

Hitman Collection (£3.74 – 75% off!)

You either have the option of buying these classic stealth action games in a collection, or you can buy them all individually. These titles, even the most recent, are fairly old now, and while they are not terrible looking, the dated graphics may put off newcomers. I think for the insanely cheap price, if you are at all into some sneaky stabby stabby action, you must check at least one of these out. If you don’t want the whole pack, each of the three titles within is £1.49.

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