Tokido pits himself against Evolution 2012 champion Infiltration

For fighting games fans, Evolution 2012 was an amazing event, but Tokido has uploaded a new set against Infiltration

It seems Tokido wanted to prove himself the supreme Akuma, and in a Akuma vs Akuma match, MCZ|Tokido (AKA Murderface) goes head to head against WW|Infiltration.

Murderface set Against Infiltration

Ten minutes of raging demon insanity is abound, and any Street Fighter 4 player is highly recommend checking out the video, whether you’re a shoto/Akuma player or not. The video is a live stream, so you’re able to see player reactions and so on too.

As you would expect, this is Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 at the highest level, as Tokido’s Akuma goes toe-to-toe with Infiltrations. It’s an interesting comparison of styles to say the least.

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