White Liquid Leaking From The Xbox One – Cause Unknown


A few users on the official Xbox Support forums has posted that they are experiencing a rather new issue with their machine, a white goo is oozing out of their Xbox One consoles.

One of the users, CynicalAnarchy said:

“I didn’t just take a picture as soon as I saw the residue I waited two weeks then I came here to the forums, to try and find out if I was the only one with the problem, and then today, I posted the pictures and contacted Microsoft, like the person up there suggested. I take relative good care for my Xbox, I’ve only place my controller or the mic on top of the Xbox.”

“I haven’t spilled anything on it and the oily stickiness you see in the pictures is me trying to wipe it up earlier in the week, hoping the problem went away. I’ve read a few off the comment on the sites saying I’m a fake or a troll cause they don’t see any Xbox one games on my recent games, Both AC4 and BF4 are Xbox one games, the only ones I have. I can assure you this is not fake, I don’t have an actual camera, but I’ll see what I can do about getting a better picture.”

He did add a few low resolution images, but they’re not really good enough to quite understand what is going on.

There are a few possible reasons for this. The first is that there is a thermal compound leaking from the console, but I’m unsure how likely that scenario is. Thermal compound is typically situated between the heatsink and the CPU. It’s typically thicker than this, but depending on the type and quality Microsoft used, it is somewhat plausible.

The next is that someone tipped a liquid on to the system without the users knowledge. For example, a friend spilled a glass of milk and didn’t tell their friend that they’d potentially trashed their friends Xbox One console.

It’s also possible that the white goo is indeed a fake, and that the users in question are just trolling.

The last possibility is that it’s a burst capacitor on the motherboard. If this is the case, it’s unlikely that the machine will continue to function for long, and the users would need to contact Microsoft Support to get their Xbox One’s repaired.

Below are the images (in their low resolution glory) of the white goo on the Xbox One’s.

XBox One White Goo Images

xbox-one-white-goo xboxone-console-white-ooz