Xbox One Going Officially Kinectless !


Well, we all predicted it, many asked for it, and now it’s here. Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will be going Kinectless next month.

This new X1 console will be available to us mortals from June 9, and will be available in all current Xbox One markets for $399/£349. As you might expect, a standalone Kinect will also be made available, but not until later on in the year.

Gamers can expect to still be able to make use of most of the apps for the X1, as well as features such as game invites, switching from games to TV and back, and so on. While this wild and free Xbox One console isn’t available for a while, you can already pre order it.

This follows pretty hot on the heels of the news that you will no longer need Xbox Live Gold to access services such as Netflix, so it seems Microsoft is making some moves in the right direction.

I think most of us can feel happy but unsurprised about the Kinectless future of the Xbox One, though, this is something that has been called ever since the console was announced last year. Aside from a few early adopters who might feel a bit upset, but I think most of us will breathe a sigh of “finally!”

So what does this mean for the console war? Only time will tell, but I definitely think it will up the stakes significantly. The race between Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One is already a pretty close one, so I think it will go from a slight lead to Sony to a genuine neck and neck race. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next batch of sales figures, so be sure to check back for updates.