Xbox One – fixes for issues such as Green Screen Death & Crashing


The Xbox One has been released, and there have been a series of reported issues which users are currently facing. In this article we’ll discuss how to either solve the problem yourself, or when you should contact Microsoft’s support. As of the time I’m writing this article (November 23rd, 2013) the system has only just been released, and there are a few errors which are unknown. We’re also unsure how many users (in terms of either numbers or percentage) which are experiencing these problems. So don’t panic and take a look to see how to either fix your problem or what you should do if you’re having issues with your new Xbox One console.

Xbox One doesn’t update or gives you a problem when you’re updating the console.

Firstly, check your internet connection to ensure that it’s working correctly and everything is setup as it should be.

Turn of your system by pressing and holding the Xbox button, which is located on the front of your console for the count of five seconds.

Unplug the system from the main power, in other words – remove the power cord. Do this for at least 30 seconds. This’ll force the X1 to “forget” its cache.

Plug your Xbox One back in as normal, turn it on and try updating by selecting “start update”. It should go smoothly – if not, you’ll need to contact Microsoft’s Support team.

Console Ban after you use the Emergency Online Update

The Emergency Online Update doesn’t work yet. Users who have installed it by either mistake or on purpose are risking having their console banned. Indeed one user already has faced a ban. Microsoft are obviously who you need to contact if this is the case, you’re unable to do anything yourself. Best advice is to leave it alone if you’ve not installed it, and if you have been banned just call Microsoft and explain the situation.

Xbox One – Green Screen of Death

To define what the Xbox One’s so called ‘green screen of death’ is, the Xbox One will just get stuck on the screen which shows the Xbox One’s logo. Microsoft haven’t commented on the case or fix for this yet. There have been reports from users who’ve suggested the following to either avoid or escape it.

Show some patience – check that your Xbox One is really stuck, look for instance at the kinect sensor. Is it showing any activity? Just give it a bit of time.

Power off the console by force – but be aware this can lead to a damaged system if it’s updating or similar.

If the system passes the green screen of death, and you get an update which gets stuck avoid the temptation to switch off the Xbox One. Users have reported that their Xbox One becomes a brick if this is done.

Use a wired internet connection – it’s unclear how many users this has fixed the issue for. Clearly in some setups this won’t be an ideal way to operate the console, to say the least.

If you wait a good amount of time, and the Xbox One continues to be stuck and the Kinect shows no signs of life, then it’s probably time to resign yourself to calling Microsoft.

Error Codes for the Xbox One and their fixes

Error Code E101 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx: Emergency Offline Update Issue

Sorry but you’ll need to contact Xbox Support, you tried to perform the Emergency Offline Update – and as discussed earlier in this article, that’s a bad thing. Right now there’s nothing you can do but contact support.

Error Code 8b050033: Update not available.

The Xbox One needs to update something, but the update isn’t available. It’s possible that the server is too busy or offline. Your solution to this error code is to simply try again later on.

Error Codes 80072xxx, 87ddxxxx, 8007019x, 8019019x: Network Issues

Unsurprisingly given the name, it’s an issue with your network. Ensure that your wireless connection is working and everything is setup okay. If that still doesn’t work, try plugging it in using a wired (ethernet) connection. If you’re still having now joy, select ‘start update’ and see what happens. Still got the Network Issue error? Then hold the Xbox button on the front of your Xbox One for 5 seconds, forcing the system to shut down. Unplug from the power for at least 30 seconds to reset the consoles internal cache and then plug it all back in, turn it on and try updating a second time. Still no joy? Then you’re going to need to contact Xbox support.

Error Code E203 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

It’s currently unknown why this error occurs or what the fix is, your only real option right now is to call support and hope they can fix it quickly.

Error Code E100 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx: Hardware Issue

You’re probably going to have to contact your nearest Xbox Support and have them resolve the issue. There’s a few cases where it’s either the hardware itself is damaged, or an update broke something or your system is bricked.

Close up of the Xbox One's Main soc and basic specs

Close up of the Xbox One’s Main soc and basic specs

Disc Drive problems with the Xbox One

You’ve likely heard of a small percent of users complaining that their Xbox One makes a horrible grinding sound (article). The only cause you can do in this case is to contact Microsoft’s Xbox support. But be warned, do not have the console vertically. It won’t work properly and indeed can and will damage the disc drive. If you’ve already damaged the drive then your only option is to have it replaced or fixed.

Slow install times for the Xbox One games or they won’t install at all

Firstly – make sure you’re being patient. Games are large and will need some time to copy all that data from disc and install on the Xbox One’s hard drive. If you’re sure there’s something amiss, don’t just eject the disc, ensure that you manually stop the install first, then remove the disc. Then clear the cache – hold the Xbox button on the consoles front for 5 seconds, pull the power out for at least 30 seconds. Plug it all back in and try again.

If it’s stuck at the 0% mark, then you’ll need to head to settings and reset the Xbox One back to default factory settings – ensure there’s no game disc in the the X1 first before you do this! Once the system is reset, disconnect the internet and then try installing the game yet again. Hopefully it’ll install without problems now.

Xbox One’s Kinect doesn’t work at all

The first trick is the old “turn it off then on again” by unplugging the power cord. Ensure that Kinect is plugged into the console, plop the power cord back into the Xbox One and turn the system back. If it’s still being a stubborn bugger, you’ll get a notice which says “Kinect is Unplugged” on the top right of the X1’s home screen. Click on “what else does Kinect see?”. Still no joy? Contact Microsoft support.

How do you find the Xbox One’s Mac Address?

When you’re trying to setup the Xbox One console for online, if the setup fails click on “troubleshooter”. You’ll be able to see the Mac address of your Xbox One there.

Dashboard tiles of the Xbox One refuse to display or load correctly

Open Internet Explorer and then internet service provider’s hub page, follow the on screen instructions. You’ll need to sign into your ISP account and then once that’s done you’re gonna need to restart your Xbox One. Once the console restarts, you should see the dashboard tiles displaying properly.

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