Yoshinori Ono Has Left Street Fighter’s R&D Team

If you’re a SF fan, chances are pretty high you know Yoshinori Ono has been the ‘man with the plan’ for awhile now. Just awhile back, there were reports that Ono was suffering from an illness, and while he has somewhat recovered, it seems he’s still not 100 percent.

A fan asked Ono if he was working on an update to SF4 with the following:

Ono, are you feeling better, and are you working on SSF4 AE v2013? — AriesWarlock

Ono: Thanks so much! However, I leave Street Fighter’s research and development team for a while. Of course, I’ll be continuing support for Street Fighter. ;D

Hit the jump for a few more tweets from both Ono and Ryota Niitsuma.

Are you no longer working on Street Fighter and moved on to another series? — Bosjbug

Ono: I’ll leave direct working about Street Fighter for a while. But I’m supporting it. ;D


I hope you make a Street Fighter Alpha 4 or a DarkStalkers 4 😮 — LionhartVIII

Ono: Hahahah, I don’t have there plan just now. ;D

What the [heck]? The ultimate defense gem in SFxT only takes 1/8th of a bar?! Wow. — TL_DemoniK

Ono: We apologize that we fell short of your expectation.

Now that 3DS titles can receive updates, is it possible that Street Fighter 4 3D Edition could see an update to AE v2012? — PrinnyESC

Ono: I’ll worth talking it opinion over with R&D team. 😉

Ono-san, what about E3? Can we meet in L.A.? — Ricciotto

Ono: I’ll make preparation new build and playable Street Fighter X Tekken for Vita [at E3], other… I don’t know ;P

Are you going to E3 this year? — Alex_MMorales

Ryota Niitsuma: I won’t be going to E3, but I think I’m going to EVO.

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